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Hopefully this legal stuff all sounds standard and is common sense, but increasing laws require us to disclose info on these topics. At least we aren’t targeting people in the EU so you don’t get that annoying pop-up requiring consent!


DogPony.com website content is written by me (Cyndi Harrell, manager of the Dog & Pony Ranch, LLC). The views expressed are mine and are intended to be informational/entertaining based on my own personal experiences, but do not substitute for professional advice. Though I have many years of experience in the topics I write about, I do not claim to be a veterinarian nor other type of licensed professional. Nothing on this website implies a consulting relationship so I can’t be held liable for how you might use the information, and I certainly don’t guarantee any results.

Photos are also mostly taken by me, unless otherwise noted. All photos and other content on this website are property of Dog & Pony Ranch, LLC. All rights reserved. Do not use without permission.

Privacy Policy

Like most websites, cookies are used for anonymous tracking to understand what visitors find of most interest in order to improve and optimize the site. Cookies do NOT track sensitive information like bank accounts, but rather basic information such as whether you’re using a mobile phone or Windows vs Mac computer – you can see how this info helps make sure my website works well for visitors! I currently use Google Analytics for my website and Mailchimp tracking for newsletter emails. Of course, it’s your right to block cookies but you may lose some functionality.

Personal info such as name/address/phone/email is collected from our rental guests which is standard in the US lodging industry. Email addresses are collected from people wanting to follow Dog & Pony Ranch and are used only for occasional communications; email addresses will never be sold to a third party. I personally hate receiving spam and would never send spam to others (my newsletters have the opt-out link and contact info required by U.S. law).

Terms of Use

By using this website, you acknowledge these terms which may change over time.

This website contains links to third party websites as a convenience to you for related information. I have no control over these third party websites so access these websites at your own risk.

This website does not knowingly collect any personal information from children under the age of 13. Rental clients must be adults, though some bring their young children to have fun with the animals at our Dog & Pony Ranch (read our many 5-star reviews). Some parents have permitted their children’s photos to be used on our website, though no photos have private information attached.